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Thank you for inquiring about our product. Here is information about our custom built nooks.

¨Space Saver Nooks has been hand crafting nooks since 1951 and we still follow the same rigid standards of quality today; with many satisfied customers. When you are ready for an estimate, just call or E-mail our office and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you. We normally service the West Coast in Oregon and Washington. If you need additional information, or have any questions about our nooks, please call or e-mail our office. We hope to hear from you soon.

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¨ Space Saver Breakfast Nooks are designed for just that reason: Saving Space. With a Space Saver Nook you can eliminate bulky chairs and tables, a nook protects your walls from chair dings and your floors from scratches caused by sliding chair legs. Cleaning the floor is easier with no "legs" to get in the way!

With hardwood frames, springs, nylon decking, foam, and cotton; the seats are designed for comfort and durability. The seats are removable for cleaning and the space under the seat can be used for storage, which is great for those seasonal decorations! The front of the seat is approximately 24 inches from the wall.

The seat backs can be upholstered in two styles. The Flat or "Standard" style back is included at no extra charge. "Piped" back (large tuck and roll) is also available for an additional charge.

The normal height of the backs is 33 to 34 inches with customizing available for low windows or other obstructions. Your estimator will assist you in determining the correct height.

You may choose from a large variety of vinyl in many colors, textures and patterns. You may also choose; as an option; to cover your seats in all fabric or fabric backs with vinyl seats for easy upkeep. Oak end panels for the side of the seat backs is another option. We can apply a protection product on the fabric that carries a 5-year warranty and helps eliminate worries about spills and accidents. Your estimator will give you the price and details of this product.

The size of the table is based on the seating area. The tabletop is adjustable to different positions; side to side or forward and back. This allows maximum space and comfort when seated. The size of the table determines the amount of movement (the top cannot be adjusted up or down) The table is covered in your choice of laminate, with many colors and textures available. The edges are also covered in laminate, or you may choose the option of an oak edge. Your table can be "blanked" for a solid surface product (like Corian). This means we will build and prepare the tabletop and your contractor will apply the solid surface veneer to the table at the job site. If you are not working with a contractor, we will have the table delivered to a company that specializes in solid surface veneers. Table height is usually 29 to 30 inches, which allows the use of regular chairs for extra seating when needed.

The base unit of the nook will be covered in a matching vinyl; fabric, or oak veneer. Heat vents and electrical outlets can be extended to the front of the nook to allow continued use and the ends of the base can be built to fit against a cabinet or wall. Baseboard heaters are not an obstacle for a nook.

There are several "shapes" of nooks available. From the traditional "Standard L Shape", "U Shape" or a "Custom Template Shape" , each specifically designed to fit your home and your needs.



¨Space Saver Breakfast Nooks offers estimates and advice. As you begin to plan for your nook here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Windows and moldings should be above 34 inches, though there are exceptions, which can be worked with.

2. To avoid feeling overcrowded, allow enough seating area for each person. The first full seat is suggested at 42" from the corner. Keep in mind how many people would normally be seated at one time and the size of those people (children grow fast). Use regular chairs for extra seating.

3. Keep heating vents clear of or completely under the nook. We can re-vent to the front of the nook, so you will not lose a heating vent. A partially covered vent does not look good. When planning heat vents in your remodel or new construction allow for the Toe Kick at the ends of the nook (approx. 6 inches). Measure 18 inches out from the wall, 22 inches from the corner and 6 inches in from the end of the seat (for the base). This will give you an idea of approximate placement for your nook as not to interfere with vents.

4. The nook is designed to be screwed into the floor, but a wall mount is available if needed.

5. You can send or e-mail a copy of your floor plan to the factory for an estimate. The estimator will need to measure again before actual construction of the nook begins. Remember to include doorways for traffic flow and consider cabinet and appliance doors that open near the nook.

The size and the options you choose determine the price of the nook. The estimator will bring samples of vinyl, upholstery fabrics, and laminates as well as photos to your home for viewing. The estimator will give you details and prices at the time of the in-home estimate. You are under no obligation and will not be pressured to make a purchase!

A deposit is required when your order is placed. The balance plus a delivery fee is due upon installation. Normal delivery time is 6 to 12 weeks from the deposit date. This is an approximation since all of our nooks are custom built and hand crafted. Once your nook is in final assembly, we will call you to schedule a time for installation. If you prefer a specific day and time for the installation, you may do so for a fee of $200, as explained in your contract. We schedule several deliveries together to help keep down our prices. We will, however, try to work within your time frame. It may take up to 1 or 2 hours to install.

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¨Space Saver Nooks specializes in making efficient use of your eating area, while offering a quality piece of furniture that will last you many years. Each nook is not only custom built but also custom designed. No two nooks are ever alike. We can also recover your nook at a later date, should you decide to change colors or materials. If you have any questions, please call us at, (503) 667-9858 or 1-800-828-6665.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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